Wellness Tourism in India

Wellness tourism in India is getting popular with time because of the amazing wellness retreats that are spread out in the entire country. The top three wellness retreats in India are Jaipur, Mumbai, and New Delhi but apart from these, the other cities are also gearing up making up for an amazing wellness holiday for the travelers from across the globe. India has been ranked in the top 15 destinations across Asia for wellness retreats and wellness tourism. Since this, the rise of wellness tourism in the country has increased tenfold. Wellness tourism is amazing in India because of yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation and India being the homeland for all of these. There are some of the finest destinations in India that are a heavenly piece when it comes to wellness tourism. These destinations are born to rejuvenate the human senses to the core with their aura. Here are some of the top destinations to consider for wellness tourism in India.

 Ananda in Rishikesh: To begin with here is one of the top luxury spa resorts in India. Uttarakhand also called as the heavenly abode of Gods is a blissful piece of nature nestled in the Himalayas. The place in itself is totally rejuvenating and this resort tops the feeling of wellness by all means. Ananda Resort in Rishikesh is quite huge and spread in an area of 100 acres. There are various wellness treatments offered here and their majestic location at the foothills of the Himalayas makes it soothing. They have Ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapist, nutritionist, yogis, and chefs to give a professional wellness treatment to their visitors.

 The Leela in Kovalam: The god’s own country, Kerala is a majestic example of providing perfect wellness to humans. The Leela on Kovalam beach is one of the top wellness centers in the country. The therapies provided in these wellness centers are detoxification, de-stress, rejuvenation, and wellness. The best part of this center is that they have different packages to suit the needs of different individuals like the lifestyle package, therapeutic package, and the wellness package. All of these packages have different benefits and the specialization of The Leela Kovalam is Ayurveda and spa treatment along with yoga treatment.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat in Bangaluru: When they say ‘Yoga Se Hi Hoga’ they are not lying. Also, yoga is best experienced in the utmost solace ambience and even better would be in the lap of nature. Shreyas Yoga Retreat in Bangaluru, Karnataka has an excellent ambience along with a plethora of great yoga treatments. Their customized treatment packages are designed in a way to provide peace to the mind and soul. They have an open-air amphitheatre, meditation hall and huts, indoor yoga hall, jogging trail, pool, jacuzzi, nature farming, and lots of other things. One should trust them for the best rejuvenating massages and naturopathy.

Vana in Dehradun: Another great place in Uttarakhand that is known for its wellness programs is Vana in Dehradun. This is one of the newbies in the country but this is also one of the best by all means. This wellness retreat aims at rejuvenating one to the fullest but they have to abide by certain rules and regulations here in the center. They specialize in Sowa Rigpa, yoga, Ayurveda, natural therapies, spa, fitness, and a lot of other things. They work to provide a perfect balance between the mind, body, and soul. The retreat also offers nutritional cuisine lessons so that people have control over what they eat.

Atmantan in Pune: Not just for wellness, but Atmantan in Pune, Maharashtra, is known for amazing therapies leading to detoxification,  relaxation, and fitness. There isn’t a chance that one would visit this place and not return after having a soothing soul and a refreshed body. The programs here offer various activities and one of the activities is eating healthy to live a healthy life. Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited on their premises. The western massages along with the Ayurvedic therapies are the best that they offer. Other specialties of the resort are acupressure aromatherapy, anti-ageing facials, purifying body polishes and wraps, balneotherapy, colonics, and pranic healing.

Devaaya in Goa: Goa is the destination for not only partying till the sun rises but also to detach from the worldly pleasures and connect with the inner self. Devaaya in Goa is a perfect example of this. One should get here for experiencing a luxurious lifestyle and wellness. They are a center for Ayurveda, therapy, and yoga sessions. The naturopathy care center in the city promotes well being in different forms that help individuals to attain a sense of solace. The best part of this wellness retreat is that they are equipped with all the modern amenities as well so that people do not long for any regular activity. They have facilities like 24 hours hot/cold water, TV, luxurious furniture, air conditioner, jacuzzis, gardens, saunas, gym, swimming pool, jogging track, etc.

Wildflower Hall in Shimla: A wellness retreat in the lap of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh is the legit best thing for mankind. Their range of massage, yoga, and Ayurvedic treatments is exclusive and elite. It is conveniently located in Shimla. Along with giving the visitors all the modern facilities, they also have a majestic view for them of the Himalayas. To release the tension of the human mind and to provide refreshment to the body they have their curated sets of reviving spas that leaves every human free from all mental, emotional, and physical pressures. The vibe they create while doing these is just extraordinary. Their revitalizing body therapies is the best to invest in when here.

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