Bodhgaya is 14 kms south of Gaya. The Buddha meditated under a Peepal (Ficus Religiosa) tree there and achieved his enlightenment. The tree, known as the Bodhi Tree, continues to live through its descendants. Emperor Asoka had sent saplings of the tree to Sri Lanka. When the original Bodhi tree died in the 6th century, a sapling of that tree in Sri Lanka was brought back and planted at the very spot where the original tree stood. The tree again fell down during the last part of the 19th century while some repair work was underway. Two of its saplings were planted, one in place of the old tree and the other a little away from it. Thus the present Bodhi tree is about a century old.

Nearby flows the Niraniana river, in which the Buddha bathed. The pyramidal Mahabodhi Temple, unique in Buddhist architecture, has a huge gilded image of the Buddha, and a richly carved gateway.

The Animeshlochan Chaitya near the Mahabodhi Temple marks the spot where the Buddha stood gazing in gratitude after attaining enlightenment.

Chankramana or the Jewel Walk is a raised platform where the Buddha paced up and down as he pondered on whether to reveal his knowledge to the world or not.

There is a Tibetan Monastery with a large Dharma Chakra or the Wheel of Law inside.

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