Tourist Attractions in Gwalior

One of the famous tourist attractions in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh that should not be ignored is the Gwalior Fort. Settled on a rocky massif, this imposing heritage building with its blue tiled palace is overlooked from all over the city. With wonderful walls and towers, it has also incorporated palaces, temples, gardens, tombs and splendid places of interest.

One of the popular castle at Gwalior which is named as the Man Singh Palace, is also a must see monument. Admirably built in an imperial style, it is definitely worth seeing the outer wall of the palace which has a frieze of yellow ducks and the first Hindu architecture. The most interesting is the Son-et-Lumiere show which is held each year in the palace.

You can visit the Gujari Mahal, which was built by the Raja Man Singh for its beloved Queen of Gujar in the 15th century. Now it is converted into an archaeological museum with the huge collection of exhibits dating from the 1st century AD. There is a statue of tree goddess called 'Shalbhanjika', which is the main attraction for Tourists.

There are other monuments also that can be visited during your trip to Gwalior such as Surya Mandir (Solar Temple), Baija Taal Cultural Complex, Museum of Freedom Fighters and Kala Vithika.

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