10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in June

10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in June

 India is extremely diverse when it comes to climate as well in different parts of the country. June is one of those months in which temperature is different in different cities of the country. But, of course, it is mostly summers with a tinge of the monsoons. June is mostly a vacation month for the students along with being one of the months where even adults take a break after hectic six months of work. On that note, Optima Travels is bringing to you ten amazing places to head out to in June to have a great vacation. These top 10 destinations to visit in India in June behave quite differently as compared to other months of the year. While enjoying your holidays, experience the essence and vagaries of incredible India.

Kanatal: Kanatal is a perfect place for seeking solace. For the people who are looking to escape the hustle of the city life and head out to a place that gives peace to the mind, then go for Kanatal. Kanatal is a town that is hugged by the rivers, greenery, and ice mountains from all sides. The town is famous for a plethora of outdoor activities that attracts the adventurers from all over the world. But, not only these, there are enough less thrilling but leave giving activities included here for all types of travelers.

 Shillong: Quite underrated but is filled with gems in every corner! Of course, the beautiful waterfalls, the natural places, the vibrant local aesthetics, are the highlights of the place. But, other underrated experiences to do here are caffe hopping, walking in the forests, trying some adventure activities, waking up to a beautiful sunrise, and lots more. Shillong will make every traveler fall in love with nature all over again. The weather at this time is mostly pleasant. Do not miss angling at Dawki when here.

Puducherry: Beach lovers would be delighted with this mention of a beach town in the middle of hill stations. Pondi, as it is fondly called, is a mini French colonial city whose aura is extremely vibrant. This town is such a blissful retreat to head out with family or friends and return back after creating enough fun memories. From the hippie beaches to the French architecture and delicious South Indian food, Puducherry is a great relaxing destination. It is home to Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville.

Lansdowne: Another amazing hill station to head out to in the month of June is Lansdowne. This pretty quaint cantonment hill station has major British vibes that differentiates it from other hill stations. The tranquility of the place makes it for a great escape from the city life. Along with the vibe, the place offers delicious and authentic Uttarakhand local food. Though it is not underrated but still Dehradun and Mussoorie takes away all the limelight so the place is still raw.

 Lavasa: Do not see Lavasa as one day trip destination but at least think about spending a weekend there. Lavasa is a whole new city settlement that gives major Denmark vibes. With colourful buildings at one side and the beautiful lake with bridge like Amsterdam on the other, make this a perfect picturesque destination. The calm, serenity, and the fresh air here is just next level to experience. There is a wellness resort here, lots of cafes and restaurants, theme parks, and more here to explore.

Mizoram: Mizoram is quite a unique place that perfectly suits our list of top 10 destinations to visit in June in India. Since it is not explored enough its beauty is quite untouched, unfiltered, and raw. It has amazing pristine destinations throughout to explore. This place shows how diverse India actually is. People do visit the top rated tourist places and it is the reason why these are always hidden but are a gem. The culture, food, locals, and the life here is so much different from the other parts of the country.

Palampur: This is a small village cum town in Himachal Pradesh. Palampur has a stretch of green plantations throughout. These make the whole town look so scenic and different from the other hill stations of the state. The place is getting popularity these days because of the quaint home stays and villas that make for such a good staying option. Going for nature walks over here along with tea tasting and bird watching is the best. A great place to enjoy a holiday under a budget!

Goa: Goa needs no introduction for any season but in June the state faces Monsoons. A lot of tourists prefer not visiting during this time but in June, Goa is pleasant. Not only trekking activities are possible but exploring the beaches is so fun during this time. If it rains, then beach activities fun go a top notch higher. The ambiance is vibrant during this time here with the shacks bustling with crowd throughout. Goa in June is a total vibe.

Tawang: Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is another cold place to head out to in the month of June for a relishing trip. Different experiences can be backed from this place. The adventure enthusiasts can head out for an adrenaline rush trip whereas vacationers can visit the place for a rejuvenating trip. It is an extremely picturesque hill station that has more to offer than just the sight of the mountains. There are so many peaks, monasteries, lakes, and passes to explore here.

Tirthan Valley: There is no better luxury than being in the lap of the nature from day to night. Instead of the luxurious hotels, visit Tirthan Valley and let the nature heal you with its natural ingredients. Tirthan Valley is one of the coldest places in India and is also an offbeat destination. Though adventures love this place, the tourists kind of neglect it but you should not. The valley has beautiful sights of the snow capped mountains, old rustic huts, and obviously the serene Tirthan river flowing the Himalayan glacier.

Your June month is going to be filled with all kinds of surprises with a trip to these places. All you got to do now is stop getting confused and pick your favorite destination to head out for a great vacation.

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