At a Glance
Area 1,414 sq.kms
Geo Location
South West
Average Climate
23 °C - 32 °C
Best time to visit
Throughout the year

85 km from Kollam (64 km from Cochin and 155 m from Trivandrum) Alleppey is a water-borne town crisscrossed by a network of canals cutting through the town. A boat journey from Kollam takes about nine hours.

Alleppey is an important tourist destination on the Malabar coast, the city is nicknamed the "Indian Venice" due to its network of canals. It is also possible to reach the towns of Quilon and Kottayam aboard the backwaters, motor boats that you will find throughout the city. Walk through the rice fields, lakes and canals, and pass through the beautiful Kidahgam Parambu Temple decorated with colorful sculptures.

Home of Kerala's famous coir industry, it is interesting to see coconut husks beaten into fibre for mats or coir carpets, or to have a stroll along the busy wharf markets with barges laden with local produce.

You can also cruise down the shimmering backwaters to the Vembanad Lake. Many of the famous snake boat races of Kerala are held on Alleppey’s shallow lake, generally in August.

Also known as Alappuzha, Alleppey is the best destination of Backwaters of Kerala. Often referred to as 'Venice of East' by many travelers, this lagoon destination is also home to diverse range of animals and birds.

During the monsoon season, tourists can witness the true splendor of Alleppey. The pools look scenic. Imagine a waterway between palm edges on its side and a luxuriant carpet of greenery. This site can take someone's imagination to a new dimension. According to the authorities, Alleppey is considered the first planned city of Kerala. Its tour of Crosswalk Backwaters can set out on a journey that one cannot forget after leaving the shores of Kerala.

On a trip to Alleppey, a beautiful houseboat tour awaits everyone. The houseboat ride to Alleppey is an isolated retreat only for travelers seeking a different side of India. A night stay in the houseboat is best to explore the length and breadth of figurative backwaters.

Called beautiful by all, one thing that differentiates Alleppey with other pond territories is Kuttanad - a land of lush rice paddies of Kerala that makes it Rice Bowl. One can see the traces of Kuttanad as it has been mentioned in the famous Hindu mythological book called Mahabharata. According to the book, Pandavas went through Kuttanad (a small part of Alleppey) during their exile period. At that time, Kuttanad was a forested territory, later destroyed by fire according to the epic novel.

Thanks to its gifted Backwaters, every year Alleppey hosts boating competition. The courses seek the participation of many canoe clubs in the area. A large crowd gathers to see this competition, fishermen and children with cane baskets cheer for their favorite team. During the annual snake boat races, oars and boats cut through the usually placid backwaters here. The local beach of the area is called the Alappuzha Beach. Here visitors can enjoy basking in the sun or water sports activities. One would bet a fortune for these virgin sunsets and sunrise by the beach. It is a perfect place to unwind, away from the real world!

Alleppey has won a distinction by not being a tourist paradise, but as a commercial district by being the first supplier of the coconut to the world. In Alleppey, there is something for gem lovers too and this is the most famous RKK memorial museum. The authority of museums proclaims to be the owner of the largest Swarovski collection that one cannot see anywhere else in the world.

The activities to do in Alleppey

Boat cruise through the backwaters.

Watch snake boat race.

Relax on the beach of Alleppey.