10 Best Tourist Places to visit in India in July

July is all about refreshing feels in India. July marks the incoming of the monsoon season in the country. India faces extreme heat in most parts and the rainy season just makes everything perfect to the T. It is one of the most relaxing months when travelling is a great option. A perfect monsoon weather calls for a refreshing treat either at the beaches or in the lap of the mountains. Below are Top 10 Tourist Destinations to visit in India in July that one can head out for a vacation.

Valley of Flowers: Beginning with one of the most gorgeous places India has blessed us with, the Valley of Flowers. As the name says, it is a beautiful valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. The place is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site. This one is a top rated trekking spot in Uttarakhand that is visited by the trekkers in the peak season. One can find a range of beautiful wild flowers that looks explicitly beautiful during the monsoon season. During the winters, the area is frozen so best time remains during monsoons.

 Ladakh: The next best destination in India to visit in July is Ladakh. It is one of the thrilling places to head out to during the monsoons to experience its actual beauty. It is one of those destinations in India wherein one can feel the beauty of land, plateau, mountains, sky, and the lake in just one frame. The spots like sky high mountain peaks, amazing weather, soothing lake venues, and eye catchy scenery charm visitors & the highest motor-able roads make this place a must visit for the bike riders. There is no better feeling that being on the top of the world after a bike ride.

 Udaipur: Right from the hill stations and the places filled with natural beauty, we come to one of the most gorgeous places filled with man-made beauty and that is Udaipur. Udaipur in Rajasthan is a vibe on its own. All the other cities of the state are beautiful but Udaipur is a total different world. Along with the authentic Rajasthani culture and traditions, the modernization of the city catches the attention of the travelers. From posing in front of the gorgeous palaces to chilling by the quaint serene lakes, this city has it all.

 Amarnath: Amarnath is one of the top pilgrim spots in the country. Amarnath is the abode of Lord Shiva having one of the holiest shrines of Shiva Ji. Amarnath is basically a cave and the pilgrims have to walk through this cave to enter the area where the holy shrine is there. This cave is covered with snow throughout the year and it is not accessible to the travelers for most part. During the month of July and August, the snow starts to melt and the place becomes accessible for the travelers. It is however a challenging trek to pass through the caves.

Kodaikanal: Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is called as the princess of hill stations which is true to the fullest. It is one of the best hill stations to visit in India during the month of July. For the people living in Bangalore, this spot can be counted as one of the best weekend getaway destinations. The presence of the waterfalls, valleys, forests, and lakes make this an exquisite place to travel to. Spending serene time in the nature during the monsoon months is such a blissful feeling in Kodaikanal. There is no dearth of touristy spots in the city.

Lonavala: The king of all places in India to visit and enjoy in monsoons is Lonavala. That feeling of going on a road trip with your loved ones in the beautiful highway of Lonavala is one of the best experiences to have in life. Though Lonavala in Maharashtra is more of a weekend getaway destination that people visit for a day or two, a good relaxed three to four days can be spent here in luxury. To have a chilled out luxury holiday in a budget, one can definitely head to Lonavala. Waking up to experience the beautiful sunrise at the Tiger point is totally an unmatchable sight.

Nainital: Nainital is called as the city of lakes as it is blessed to have some gorgeous lakes. There are enough beautiful mountain ranges in the city to explore right here. People from the nearby cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, etc prefer visiting Nainital for a quick relaxing holiday. The town is a perfect getaway to spend time in the nature and serenity away from the busy city life. It is also one of the most romantic cities to spend some quality time with your partner. If people are looking for a romantic holiday in a city under budget, then Nainital would be amazing.

Goa: To be honest, Goa is a place that could not be defined to visit in a particular season. Goa is fabulous throughout the year except for some extreme summer months. Goa, the party destination is a forever mood and during the month of July, it is relaxing to the next level. Due to the rains, the state turns even greener making for a delightful view. The waterfalls turn even more exciting as they gush down speeder. Staying at the cottages in front of the beaches and enjoying the rains is just so relaxing to even think about.

Cherrapunji: Talking about the best places to visit in India in July month, how can we even miss mentioning Cherrapunji. The wettest place on the Earth deserves a mention in this article for sure. Cherrapunji experiences the heaviest rainfall in the country and during the monsoon months everything is a lot more magical. The ambiance of the place is surreal to be at. The place is also called as the land of living root bridges. Going for a trek to the forested cliff-tops, staying at the resorts, and having the time of your life here are the best things to do when in Cherrapunji.

Orchha: The historic town of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is a delightful town to spend some holidays during the month of July. During the monsoons the entire landscape of the town looks entirely green with the fresh rains. The old charm of the city, ruins of the ancient forts, the dilapidated houses, old narrow streets make for a beautiful vacation destination that is filled with picturesque places. It looks a lot more beautiful during the monsoons because of the grey clouds making the ruins look totally dramatic.

Packing your bags and heading out to these gorgeous destinations will make your monsoons a lot better. Definitely, these places would spoil you for choices but decide the place according to your vibe.

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