Tourist Attractions in Vidisha

Plan your visit to the most popular attraction of Vidisha, the Udyagiri Cave, the rock cut caves which are built in the shape of rooms and show the sizes of deities and other religious symbols. Visitors can also visit the old 11th century temple 'Bijamandal', devoted to the deity Charchika, also known as Vijaya. It is estimated that the temple was ruined by forces of the Mogul ruler Aurangzab.

Tourists can also explore the beauty of an Indo-Greek structure, also known as 'Heliodorous Pillar', or 'Khamba the Baba', erected by the Greeks, during their trip to Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, India.

During your trip to Vidisha, you can also plan a trip to Udaypur, known for the best Parmar architecture and visit some popular monuments here such as the Neelkantheswara Temple, Sher Khan Masjid, etc.

Top Things to Do in Vidisha

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