At a Glance
674 km2
Geo Location
Average Climate
10°C - 30°C
Best time to visit
July to September

Jojawar is a small town located in the Pali district in Rajasthan. The town is located in the Marwar region, on the foothills of the Aravali. Mainly bushy vegetation and small rocky hills dominate the topography. In the old days, the village of Jojawar was a part of the state of Jodhpur and its feudal chiefs were the subsidiaries of Jodhpur. The ancient ruling family built a castle known as Rawla and it has now been converted into a heritage hotel.

Things to do in Jojawar

The Jojawar is a popular destination for horse riding. The royal family of Jojawar keeps well trained horses of good quality which are available for tourists. Safaris of different duration can be arranged to explore the countryside on horseback.

A trip on the local train will offer you a panoramic view of the Aravali Mountains. The train crosses the mountains at slow speed a number of bridges and tunnels. This train safari can be arranged with the hotel. You will be accompanied by a guide during this safari.

There are not many monuments to visit during your trip to Jojawar. You can plan a visit to the villages near Jojawar which are populated mainly by the Raika community of shepherds. We know this community for their traditional life, colorful clothes and their harmonious relationship with nature and animals.

When to visit Jojawar?

As the city of Jojawar is located in the plains of Western Rajasthan the summers here are very hot with the maximum temperature around 48 degrees centigrade. So the winter season is the best time to visit this place. During the monsoon season the humidity is very high in this area. The best time to visit Jojawar is between October and March.

Top Things to Do in Jojawar