Odisha Tour Packages

Odisha tour packages, are the best bet to explore Kalinga (Odisha) as per a traveler’s budget, duration, style, pace and choice of destinations. Odisha has three major cities Bhubaneswar, Puri & Konark and major part of the province is predominantly rural; but it is for just this reason that the visitor has a feeling of the timelessness of India. Moreover, distance is unimportant — no time need be wasted in traveling monotonous roads since, in the first place, most of the “musts” on an Odisha tour are very close together; and second, the distance that does separate them witnesses some of the most pleasant scenery in the whole country. For instance, between Bhubaneswar and Konarak, the white mud villages are set in rich green paddies where the egrets fly and the water hyacinths grow; and even a trip from the capital to the primeval forests of the interior for a tiger spotting involves less than one-hundred miles. Odisha is also a preferred destination for tribal tours. The tribal population has been kept Even those who have no special interest in the fine points of art and architecture of the primitive tribes cannot help but be fascinated by the profusion of temples and exotic (and often erotic) sculptures that decorate them. Temples & monuments of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark are prime tourist destinations in Odisha. Entry to two of the most outstanding temples (in Bhubaneswar and Puri) is restricted to Hindus only, but there are good vantage points. Odisha is a place to have field glasses as well as the usual camera! It is also a place to go with an open mind and a lively curiosity, for little about it is “Western”. In fact, Odisha is the image in your mind when you say, “India”! Odisha holiday packages are perfectly customizable and can be part of popular India tours.

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