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Mandawa is a small town in the state of Rajasthan. It is precisely in the district of Jhunjhunu and is around 190 km from Jaipur. It is a small town and as compared to the major cities of Rajasthan, this place is a not so famous and not fully packed with the tourists. But, the major attraction of the place is Mandawa fort which catches the attention of the travellers to come and explore. The town has a good connectivity with the roads and hence people can reach there by any means of road transport. It is in the center of the Shekawati region which was built as a trading outpost for the ancient Caravan routes that stopped at this spot from China and Middle East. This was a very important outpost and to protect this outpost, the Rajput ruler of Mandawa and Nawalgarh, Thakur Nawal Singh built this fort in 1755. It was after this that the township here grew and the traders from various parts came to settle down in the town. It were these merchants who got really wealthy here with all he flourishing trades and they were the one built the gorgeous havelis and forts in the town. The current population of the Mandawa town is very less and tourists who visit Jaipur are sometimes seen to visit the Mandawa fort. There are 4 villages in Mandawa in all the four directions. The reference of Mandawa also goes back in the 18th century when this town was a thikana made by Bhojraj ji Kasubsub. Mandu Jat was also the first person to establish a hamlet here in the village and also dug a well.

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Shekhawati region is an important one in Rajasthan and it has districts like Jhunjhunu, Churu, Sikar, and a part of Jaipur and Nagaur as well. The region is located in the Thar desert. It is a historical region of the state and the history dates back to the 17th to 19th century. It was the place where the Marwari merchants made these huge havelis. During these period, the merchants got a lot of trade and their business flourished where they became extremely wealthy earning a lot of money. To outdo the others they all came in a race to build grand buildings and make a mark and the havelis in the region are a proof of it. They built lavish temples, houses, step wells, etc which were all richly decorated from all sides with painted murals. The residents or the inhabitants of Shekhawati region are believed to be extremely hard working, brave, and sacrificing. This one is a tourist place in Rajasthan with grand mansions throughout to catch the attention of the travellers and keep them hooked. In these mansions, one can also find the tales of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. For the travellers, this place is a paradise in the current date and makes for a definite visit.

Places to Visit in Mandawa: Not a lot of places or spots are there in the city to explore but some of the places which are there are worth every second one spends there. Murmuria haveli is a stunning place to be at as it has some of the best paintings of the ancient era. It is pleasing because of its enchanting architecture in the typical Rajasthani style. The paintings are here are so captivating that people love indulging into it more. Just few steps away from the Murmuria mahal is the Harlalka well which is known for its rustic architecture. This well is very deep and doesn’t have extra covered railings so one has to be cautious there. One of the most amazing destinations in the town is the Hanuman Prasad Goenka haveli. It boasts of different artworks and beautiful carvings. This place would give one a pure taste of Rajasthan for sure. The next beautiful haveli to explore is the Gulab Rai Ladia haveli. This is the most palatial building of the town. The vintage charm of this haveli is totally out of the world and makes it amazing to explore. Bansidhar Newatia haveli is another haveli that has a collection of amazing paintings again that has enough of the historical importance. A lot of historians and artists visit this haveli to explore the detailed paintings. The Chokhani double haveli is known for the architecture again and especially the archways. It is designed purely in typical Rajput style and this one also has some paintings. And finally the open art gallery is the last place to enjoy while exploring and also check out some other paintings.

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Mandawa Tour Packages : Around 3 days would be enough to explore Mandawa because it is a small city of Rajasthan. There are some gorgeous places to explore but since it is not a very big place, 3 to 4 days would be enough. Taking a tour packages in the heritage cities of Rajasthan is always better than going for the trip by own. It is because the package deals include the sight-seeing and exploring of all the major places, eating out at the great famous places, and also visiting the offbeat places without any hassle. The tour package comes with a private cab with the local driver who is familiar with the routes and takes the best route for the travellers to make their travel less tiring. The travellers don’t have to search for the best affordable and convenient travel option, they get free from worrying about the transport expense every time they book a cab or auto. The tour packages also come with a guide too who is really needed to explain the history of the heritage places so that the travellers get to know about the place in detail. The tour packages are well designed with perfect itineraries for each day with dividing the experiences equally and smartly. Taking tour packages ensures that the travellers only have to enjoy a laid back ride and do not worry about anything during their travel. And last but not the least, the price of the tour packages for Mandawa will surely be lesser as compared to the overall pricing paid for a self travel.

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Mandawa Tour Packages

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