9 Best Places to Visit in Kerala

God’s Own Country, as Kerala is popularly called, is nothing less than a paradise. Human life is blessed to have a place like this where they could relax in paradise. The sight of the serene backwaters, lush green tea plantations, the spice plantations, and the houseboats are some of the common displays of Kerala that are set in the minds of the people. The travelers from all across the world visit this place or plan to visit this place for experiencing the different kinds of leisure that the state provides. The varied topography of the place from the hills to the beaches is what sums up the entire beauty of Kerala. An evening spent on the houseboats in the backwaters in Kerala is one of the most amazing evenings one would have in their life. There are a lot of amazing places to visit in Kerala and some of them are listed here.

Kochi: Starting with the economic capital of Kerala, Kochi or Cochin. Since the cultural side of the city is extremely attractive, it does not fail to attract the tourists here in most numbers. The most famous spice plantations of the state can be viewed in Kochi along with the very popular fishing nets area. Kochi is one of those cities that is not mundane and one can find a lot of surprises in every corner. Kochi is also called as the queen of the Arabian Sea because of the seaport. The modern outlook of the city in contrast with the traditional culture creates a beautiful impact in the minds of the travelers. Cochin tour packages showcase heritage of Kerala.

Kovalam: For the beach lovers, the best place to head out to in Kerala has to be Kovalam. The beaches in Kovalam are lined with the coconut trees entirely. The beaches of this city are so alluring that one can satiate all their beach cravings over here. Also, the beaches here are peaceful, cleaner, and have the most pleasant ambience as they are located along the coastline of the Arabian Sea. A classic vacation spent here in the lavish resorts amidst the lush green plantations is enough to make one relax to the fullest. The beach activities arranged here includes a lot of water sports. Kovalam tour packages are essentially beach holidays with option of Ayurvedic therapy.

Munnar: Believe it or not, the most beautiful city in Kerala is none other than Munnar. To the ones who do not know, Munnar is that hill station which is the highest tea producer in the Indian subcontinent. So, the Chai (tea) lovers can safely consider this place as the heavenly abode for them as they are going to get the best Chai along with strolling in the tea plantations. Apart from this, the sight of the hill station with the hills touching the clouded sky is just next level soulful. What makes Munnar even more unique is the narrow patch of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea on both sides. Munnar tour packages offer an opportunity to enjoy the serenity of a hill station with verdant and lush greenery all around.

Kumarakom: Most people know Kerala for its stunning backwater destinations. One of the cities where one can enjoy the most satisfying backwater experience in Kumarakom. The extremely gorgeous Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom is the beguiling location for adorning the beauty of the backwaters in the houseboats. There are enough coconut trees, rice fields, and a clear blue sky to add on to the charm of the lake. To enjoy a laid-back vacation in Kerala, heading out to this town, booking a houseboat, and staying there is worthy to de-stress oneself. The experience of seeing the beauty of the backwaters is something to stay with travelers forever. Kumarakom tour packages are preferred the leisure seekers with opportunity to laze on the banks of lake with opportunities to spot birds of variety, enjoy backwater cruise and get rejuvenated by herbal massage.

Alleppey: Continuing the legacy of the backwaters of Kerala, hereby mentioning the king place for the experience it. Also known by the name Alappuzha, is famous for the backwaters having brackish canals, lakes, and rivers. The houseboats are called as the Kettuvallams which is like a cruise having all the luxury facilities inside the houseboats. Staying in these houseboats lined with the trees on both sides is a blissful experience that every traveller must have in their bucket list. Along with it, there are so many picturesque temples and churches that add on to the beauty of the town. Hence, the city is a delight for travelers of all kinds. Alleppey tour packages are sought by the visitors interested in true backwater experience by staying in a cruising houseboat.

Thrissur: Thrissur is known to be the cultural capital of the state because of the religious, cultural, and spiritual aspects that it has. Visiting this city during any festival is one of the best ways to explore this town as it is known to celebrate different local festivals to the fullest. The temple festival is the most important event in the town. The specialty of the city is Vellayappam which is also a type of rice hopper. For the tradition enthusiast, this town is the reigning place for that. For the Hindu devotees, this place also serves as the hot spot pilgrim point.

Wayanad: The budgeted traveler, adventure enthusiast, and the people who like to travel short during their weekends, love Wayanad. This one is a highly recommended place to visit in the state. It is a raw hill station that is untouched by human interference. The ambience of this town is so fantastic that it gives enough relaxation to the travelers. Staying in the forest houses amidst the pristine forests or the villas turns the vacations into perfect retreats. The only healing thing of the place is nature itself. The plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper and other spices make for perfect sight-seeing spots around the city.

Thekkady: For the travelers who are into wildlife can get all their fantasies to come to life as Thekkady is also home to the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. Taking a boat cruise ride to the Periyar Lake and taking an elephant safari inside the sanctuary are the two top-rated activities to do in the town. The elephants, roaming in and around the sanctuary, are one of the most common sights in Thekkady. Staying in the misty Nilgiris mountains while wandering amidst the wilderness is key to enjoy a holiday in the best possible way. A tip to make the most of this travel is to sit beside the serene Periyar Lake for the longest hours and adore the beauty of nature.

Idukki: An underrated place all capable of giving solace to the travelers is a true gem that is settled in the lap of the Western Ghats. This small town is an evergreen place far touched from the human hindrance that calls the travelers for an extremely relaxing vacation in nature. The town looks like a canopy of lush vegetation from all sides. The town has sanctuaries, bountiful natural marvels, hills like Anamudi, spice gardens, and the delightful sight of the backwaters. Though the serial travelers know about this place and have relished some amazing time here still it has not becomes mainstream which is also a good thing.

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