10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in September

What is the best thing about September? Of course, the weather. If in India, we would demand for a year round weather to be same, then we would definitely want it like September and October. The sole reason is obviously because it is neither hot nor cold during this time. The weather is pleasant and every kind of person would adjust with this beautiful weather. This beautiful weather and the amazing month calls for a vacation in different parts of the country. Adding to it, here are the top 10 destinations to visit in India in September.

Almora: We are beginning this blog post with the one of the most charming places of Uttarakhand and that is Almora. During September, Almora is a lot more pleasant as compared to the other months. So, this is the most important reason why you must visit Almora during this time. The town looks like a little hamlet covered with snow from all sides. Exploring the villages, trying hands on adventure activities, and trekking are some of the best activities to try here.

 Ziro: There could be enough chances that you might not have heard of this place. But, Ziro is a paradise for the nature lovers and for the adventure seekers. The tranquility of this place heals the souls and the minds of the city life people to the fullest. Ziro is also a world heritage site. This is a beautiful small town in Arunachal Pradesh with the most pleasing sights of the village. One should visit here for viewing the paddy fields, the serene vibes, and the Ziro festival.

Neemrana: Rajasthan experiences the most amount of tourism throughout the year but if you are looking for a place that is offbeat in the state, visit Neemrana. The town has same Rajasthani vibes with the palaces and the forts but with lesser humans. In the Neemrana fort palace, one can experience the royalty and luxury of the royal Rajputs to the fullest. This has recently also become one of the top weekend getaway destinations from Delhi. It looks amazing during September.

Daman & Diu: Another one of the scintillating places to visit in September is Daman and Diu. The travellers and the beach lovers should not take Daman for granted. The town was occupied by the Portuguese back then and its reflection can be seen in the city still. This one is a small island that also has less crowded beaches. One can see the influence of Portuguese and the Gujarati cultures in the town. For a quick getaway, one can head out here and rejuvenate back under a strict budget.

 Coonoor: The second largest hill station in Tamil Nadu is Coonoor that attracts the most number of tourists throughout the year. Coonoor is a beautiful and an extremely picturesque destination. The entire hill station is filled with the gorgeous views of the hillocks, forts, parks, and green stretches of the land. One can surely have a chilled and a laid back vacation in this place. Other than this, it is a great adventure spot. Coonoor is also a base camp for the trekking expeditions to Nilgiris.

 Kalimpong: Taking you to the lanes of West Bengal through this beautiful small town, Kalimpong. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in the month of September. It is a hill station of Bengal that is less crowded that makes enough room for the travellers to explore the hills. The beauty of the place is also untouched by the humans. The town is situated at the ridge of the lush green ranges of Himalayas that gives amazing views. Head out here for a budgeted vacation in the hills.

 Mahabalipuram: One of the most fantastic destinations to visit in September is Mahabalipuram. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is the most famous for its rock cut cave temples. The town shows the beautiful architecture of this region from the past and glorifies it. Along with the temples, the town is known for the beach vibes. During September, the weather is extremely pleasant that counts for a major tourist attraction.

 Amritsar: The land of gold is a pure blessing to mankind. The holy land of Amritsar is famous for the Golden Temple and the world knows about it. But, along with it, there are other spots in the city that attracts tourists from across the globe. The places like Wagha border and the sarson ke khet are the major delights of the town. During September, everything looks a lot more fun because Punjab is hot during the summer months.

 Tarkarli: For the people who like to explore the smaller places with not enough luxury except the nature, then Tarkarli is the place for you. It is a pleasant small town in Maharashtra that is famous for star gazing. Camping at the nature’s lap at night and spending time with your loved ones while watching the stars, is the best feeling ever. The place has enough of virgin beaches, gorgeous cascades, and mid height mountains. September is a beautiful month to be here after the monsoons.

 Lachen: In the hidden gem of South India, Sikkim, is a hidden pass which is Lachen. It is hidden in terms of tourism but on the contrary, it is quite a big valley. From here, one can easily see the entire landscape of Sikkim. The whole view of the state including the snow laden peaks can be enjoyed from this place. Lachen is amazing during the month of September because the vibe here is serene at this time.

 These were some of the most offbeat and splendid destinations in India to explore in September and make the most of this month. All of these places would give you an entirely different experience in your lifetime. The places mentioned above are a mix and match of hill stations, beaches, and every kind of place.

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