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After shredding away the fetters of British colonial rule, India has rocketed from a backwater colony into the forefront of the world’s leading nations, not only by virtue of her sheer size and power, but even more because of her astonishing political maturity and tenacious allegiance to high moral values in her dealings with the rest of the world. The continuation of traditionally unique ethos of India – Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (the world is a family) - reflects the country’s importance not only in the geographical sense but also as a major civilization, one which it is imperative for the world to know.

The landscape of the Indian subcontinent, much of it continuously inhabited over three millennia, is an enigma in the diverse images it presents to its viewer. Amidst the great rivers, mountains, hilly plateaus, and plains exist an unchanging rural landscape nurturing a timeless way of life, fast-paced teeming metropolises of colonial origin, and medieval cities exhibiting schizophrenic personalities as they grapple with modernity. There may be no such entity as the Indian landscape, considering the tremendous plurality in topography, flora, fauna, and cultural traditions. Yet an unmistakable thread of continuity in landscapes of different regions is instantly recognizable. This thread weaves through regions with diverse ecological systems, linguistic communities, and cultural groups, drawing them into distinct landscape patterns. These patterns are best recognized in places that are venerated as sacred sites, attracting temple building and pilgrimage on local and regional scales.

Travel to India unfolds numerous aspects of rich cultural heritage of the world’s oldest surviving civilization. In the midst of busy thoroughfares in Indian cities, large shady trees shelter impromptu shrines around which teeming traffic readily distributes itself. On crowded sidewalks mendicants sitting with framed images of gods and goddesses are likely to interrupt the pedestrian flow. No matter where the gods are housed—in wayside shrines or monumental temples—they attract devotees who visit them regularly and tend them with loving care. These spaces are an inescapable and meaningful part of the public realm. If large and significant, they become sites of annual festivals and public processions, contributing to the civic realm of the Indian city. Sub-continent-sized India has over a million square miles of scenic sights; the world’s highest mountains, most awesome rivers and most fabulous valleys. More than five thousand years of continuous civilizations — some the most sophisticated of their epoch — have left us a legacy of temples, monuments, palaces and sculptural masterpieces of inimitable esthetic grandeur. A bewildering variety of religions, sects, cultures, languages, traditions and customs was produced by thousands of years of uninterrupted historic process. And yet all these have somehow produced a unity of cultural traditions and a modern nation.

Eternal Hindu ethos – Atithi Devo Bhav (guests are like gods) – makes India travel a pleasant experience. And modern infrastructure and conscious efforts to promote tourism in India have now ensured easy access to every traveler to study and enjoy India’s strongest attraction lying in an unmatched interplay of contrasts. Nowhere do the past and present coexist in more colorful promiscuity. Folklore, native arts, traditional events abound. A prodigious diversity of dress and manners keep us aware of a different world. Tour to India unfolds a mind-boggling vista of cultural diversity. If a traveler is willing enough to go to Darjeeling, a hilly, tea-planting resort town close to the eastern edge of Nepal, he / she can get to see the tip of the icy peak of Mount Everest. There one stands cocooned in a blanket to watch a sunrise without parallel on earth. From such heights and dazzling panoramas, the traveler can go to the other extreme by seeking out the Kolar gold fields in south India and plunging 10,600 feet into a hole, one of the deepest in the world, which goes down seven times farther than the Empire State Building goes up. The hardy tourist can also range between the blazing deserts of Rajasthan to a charming town called Cherrapunji in Assam which has the reputation of being the wettest place in the world. Naturally, every tourist - sightseer, fun- seeker, photographer, sportsman, mountaineer, archeologist, and anthropologist - finds incomparable rewards in a visit to India. Optima Travels introduces a traveler to the vast Indian sub-continent which stands like a colossus on the world map. India has a legacy to be proud of, a vision to look forward to, a culture to inspire and a heritage to share. India ranges from the mightiest mountains in the world to the clammiest of jungles and the balmiest of beaches. Optima Travels, a reputed Indian travel agency, serves a tourist by customizing India tour by theme, duration, region etc and, thus, emerges as a trustworthy India travel guide.

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Optima Travels, an India tour operator, specializes in customized small group, individual and family tour packages in India & Nepal with world class hospitality. We offer tailor-made India tour packages with India travel guide. The land of elephants and palaces of Maharajas, sadhus and Jain temples, sacred cows and a venerated river, multicolored festivals and, of course, the Taj Mahal ; India of such richness and diversity will definitely fit in your cravings and expectations. Optima Travels has expertise in customizing India tours to the needs of the travelers like first time in India, culture & heritage, Golden Triangle, Rajasthan, Kerala, forts & palaces, luxury, family, small/ large groups, wildlife, adventure etc.

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